How to rip a t shirt to cool designs

14 Dec

Before you throw out all those big boxy custom t shirts that do nothing to your figure, consider refashioning them into a designer piece. You can create some really cool designs out of your old T-shirts. The options are limited only by your creativity. Outlined here can be a “no sew” idea when you rip your old T-shirt, turning it in to a tube top and some sort of headband. This is only one idea. You can use your imagination to change your custom t shirts into a myriad of cool new designs.
1. Lay your T-shirt out on a flat work surface.
2. Use scissors to generate a cut on the sleeve, just past the shoulder seam. Holding the shirt in both of your hands, rip off the sleeve. Use the scissors to brew a similar cut near the hem of the sleeve. Rip off that hem. You now possess a great elastic headband. Repeat with the other sleeve.
3. Cut a slit in the shirt just under the armpit. Use the open hole to start ripping the shoulders in the shirt. This will make the top of your tube best. You could choose to cut the material rather then ripping. Either method will work. Continue removing the top element of the shirt until all you are left with is a circular band.
4. Remove the bottom hem of that shirt. You can are going to either cut or rip the hem in the shirt. Set the hem material off aside.
5. Rip from top to bottom along the back of the custom t shirts. If laid flat that shirt would now be a large rectangle. Remove enough material in the back of the shirt so that the tube top will fit snugly for your body.
6. Cut holes in the two end of this fabric that meet in back. Imagine that the holes are similar to shoelaces. Use scissors for this the main project.
7. Weave the hem fabric you previously set aside through the holes like that too that you would lace a pair of shoes. Tie the fabric at the bottom to secure.